Affordable Website Development

Specializing in Attractive, User-Friendly Websites for Individuals and Small Businesses

Most website development firms target large-businesses, corporate clients, and national audience sites. The most immediate result of this is a high price for development & site management services.

Also, these site designers are often intent on creating flashy pages, that provide an inflated first impression, and that will win design awards. But this philosophy adds to the high development cost, results in long development schedules, and produces pages that are difficult to understand & don't effectively tell your story.

I specialize in...

...working with local and regionally focused businesses and individuals...
...designing and managing, attractive websites...
...that have high user friendliness...
...and present their messages in an effective, reputation-enhancing, way.

Also, my low overhead operation, and my passion for this kind of client & site, allows me to support customers who need to present an important message, to smaller audiences, quickly and frugally.

  • Low cost
  • Personal Service
  • User Friendly Design
  • Popular website elements like lead capture forms, visitor tracking, and weblogs
  • Secure, reasonably-priced webhosting
  • Website that tells your story and enhances your reputation
  • Pages that reflect your personality and style, and that attract repeat visitors
  • Quick turnaround on your additions and changes

Some sites I've created:

Inexpensive web hosting

I don't operate or sell webhosting services. I leave that to firms that have the staff and facilities to offer you secure, reliable, inexpensive hosting.

You shouldn't pay for webhosting "bells & whistles" that your site doesn't require. I can provide you with a list of hosting services which you can evaluate yourself, or I can recommend one that will work for your site.

Example: One service that many of my clients use provides high-quality hosting for $60 a year ($5 per month).

My Pricing & Estimates

Of course, every project is different. Depending on your preferences and needs, your site might be very inexpensive, or much more.

But to give you an idea of what to expect, here are some rules-of-thumb that I've found to be useful.

If you provide all the text and images (* see note), a basic Home Page can be designed, developed, and polished in about 3 work hours. Other site pages can usually be produced in about 45 minutes per page.

My standard rate is $40 per hour. I will negotiate lower rates for block commitments, for special projects, and for worthy causes.

I usually ask new clients for a retainer/advance-payment equal to about 8 hours of work.

* Note: I can also create the text and images for your site. Let's talk about a pricing estimate for that work.

What you should do next

Contact me to schedule a brief, no-charge consultation about your needs, and what I can do for you.

Be looking at sites around the web, bookmark the ones that you feel communicate in the way you'd like to, or have elements that you like.

When you decide to go ahead, we can have your site operational in as little as a week.

Jack Hodgson
Nottingham, NH & Melrose, MA
phone: 781-799-9091
Tech credentials: