One Liners

Jo Ann: Hey, you're right, Jack! This column is, pretty much, Twitter! You are a brilliant one, you is! :)
Jack: BTW, has anyone noticed that we were doing twitter here before there was a twitter?
Jo Ann: Just dropping by with a Coke and a smile! :)
Jo Ann: Hello Gone East, it's me Jo Ann.
Jo Ann: Okay, so is it official? Did "Facebook Kill the Gone East Star"? In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone too far...
Jo Ann: Hey Jack! So, what gives, dude? You don't follow me on twitter?! Only here?? Okay, open invitation... :)
Jo Ann: Hi Rick! :) Nope, no one's here. Just you, me, and the howlin' wind. (sigh.)
RickF: Anyone still here? The wind is howling...
Jo Ann: Good point, Jack! How rude of me! At least they've been posting... (maybe everyone else forgot where Sherman lives! ;)
Jack: How insensitive of you. Just because you don't know a certain foreign language doesn't mean you can simply dismiss is as SPAM.
Jo Ann: Boy, spam has taken over the One Liner section. That is just sad...
Jo Ann: I will not give up on Gone East! Damn you, Facebook! Come back to Gone East people! :)
Jo Ann: Both died much too young...
Jo Ann: And happy birthday, Jackson Pollock!
Jo Ann: Rest in peace Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd. :(
Jo Ann: Tumbleweeds over here! Is Gone East just too "early 2000s" or something? :)
Jo Ann: Whoo Hoo! We are here... 1/20/09... it's a new day in America...
Jo Ann: Oh, by the way, I explained that smoky Scotch and he said the name! I couldn't believe he know it off the top of his head! He said it is distinctive for that smokiness!
Jo Ann: Jack! It was fun seeing you and sharing Scotch! I told my dad and he said to tell you hi and to have a Scotch on him... which meant that I have to buy you a Scotch from my dad! So... next time! ;)
Jo Ann: Anyway, yah, I think Radcliffe is straight, but this is very funny! Kinda like how Hugh Jackman played Peter Allen! He did Peter better than Peter did Peter! (Okay, that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean!) :)
Jo Ann: Our teacher wanted the guy playing Alan Strang (Radcliffe's part) to be naked in the scene, as written, but the PTA and School Board fought us! Pretty wild, actually! Our teacher knew he couldn't do it, but he was pushing--coolest guy!
Jo Ann: I am pretty sure Radcliffe isn't gay--he is just comfortable playing up the stereotypes and making fun of them. I know the play Equus pretty well and it is a heavy psychodrama dealing with sexuality, etc. We even did it in high school!
Jo Ann: It's a great event to raise money for that important cause. So, Broadway performers do these skits and spoofs from their shows--it's really cool!
Jo Ann: Shermy: that is a funny clip with Daniel Radcliffe! You may know that the "Gyspy of the Year" is an annual competition put on by "Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS".
Jo Ann: Hey Jack, can't Oliver just post here for himself! :)
Jack: "the great thing in this life is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving" - Oliver Wendell Holmes
sherman: Daniel "harry potter" Radcliffe has been fighting rumours that he is gay. Wonder why. LINK
Jo Ann: Happy Birthday, Sherman!! :)
Jo Ann: Oh, and landslides and Orange County! We have way more to deal with, dude.
Jo Ann: I don't think the cold weather is THAT big a deal! Geesh! Californians deal with way more of Mother Nature than the East Coast does! We have earthquakes, floods and fires on a regular basis. And you have... cold weather. Big whoop! :)
Jo Ann: I know you're in "New England" and you're so much more boss than New York and all. But I would say New Yorkers are pretty wimpy about cold weather! It's been awhile since I've been in New England, so maybe you're just that much more bad, but...
Jo Ann: Just getting back from NYC where the temp two weeks ago went down to the mid 20's and I heard all the New Yorkers crying... don't go calling SFers wimps!
Jo Ann: Okay, now back to the topic at hand... what up, Jack?!
Jo Ann: So, I haven't even been on here since we got a new President--woo hoo! :) Yes, late, but we are still buzzin'!
Jo Ann: Okay, I couldn't resist!
Jo Ann: I love how Jack did a "Jo Ann", by the way! :)
Jo Ann: I love how Jack did a "Jo Ann", by the way! :)
Jo Ann: I have been traveling doing auditions. Was in Seattle and Houston and Chicago and most recently, and for three weeks, New York. Didn't really have time to pop in here, but I am now catching up!
Jo Ann: Hey look it... I'm back!! :) Yay!!! I know, right?! :)
SHerman: Oh. So the guy who lived way far from the bay yet begged to be included as a member of the "bay area" now disses the same people he wanted to be part of. I'm so glad I blackballed you.
Jack: "Nothing much" It was 29F here in NH this morning. That cold in SF and people would freak out. Wimps.
Sherman: 3 earthquakes near Santa Cruz today --- 3.0, 3.0, 3.2. Nothing much.
sherman: Idiot priest in Modesto tells his flock that voting for Obama was a mortal sin they must confess: LINK
Sherman: Bjorn link: LINK
sherman: Former Swedish tennis star (still Swedish, just not tennis star anymore) Bjorn Borg has a dating service. Here is one of his commercials, called "Love for All". Can you guess the ending?
Sherman: Bush twins show the Obama girls around the White House: "Here's where Jenna passed out in her own vomit. Here's where I hide my bong."
Sherman: Good Bride? He was implying that Obama made a good choice? Do you get the same Massah/Slave image I get when I read that phrase? "Toby. You got yourself a good bride. Now go make me little slave chillin."
Sherman: Did you read Bush's congratulatory statement? He refered to Obama's wife as his "good bride". Just how much coke did it take to destroy that man's brain?
Sherman: Rick! Jack is doing your wife! This is not what Obama meant when he said change (although, who knows if it's Jack's hope). Snap!
Jack: Hey Look! I just did a "Jo Ann".
Jack: I'm thinking that she went to Heaven. You Cal folks are so full of yourselves.
Jack: I'm thinking that she went to Heaven. You Cal folks are so full of yourselves.
Sherman: Obama's just dead grandma went to UC Berkeley!
Sherman: Let us forgive and forget! Let us all join hands and sing Kumbya!
Jo Ann: BOO! :)
Jo Ann: Cheney is the Devil and McCain sold his soul to run for President. So,,, McCain seems to have made his deal with Cheney! Hmm...
Jo Ann: Oh wait! Was I suppose to say what he is or what he isn't? I get so confused with that.
Jo Ann: Bwahahaha! Yes, and Cheney is the Devil!
Sherman: Kevin Spacey is gay? Now you'll be telling me Palin is unqualified to be president.
Jo Ann: Got lots of dirt on on celebrities that stay at a fancy hotel in Chicago from a friend of the concierge. Hey Sherm... guess who hit on this male concierge during his stay? You got it... Kevin Spacey! :)
Jo Ann: So, in my travels I met a relative of Jackie O (an actual Bouvier), a Miss Indiana in Miss America a few years back (that was brought up because she happened to mention that she met Mario Lopez! And...
Jo Ann: Gee, too boring here without me?! :) No activity since I've gone? Nothing? Nada? Helloooooo!
Jo Ann: I mean it's quiet "here", not in Chicago. Really sad here with the local news of what happened to Jennifer Hudson's family. Very, very sad. :( Okay, talk to ya'll later!
Jo Ann: Oops! Just popped back in here and spotted my grammatical error! It should be "two daddies". But if I was writing it that way, it should be "two daddys". Whoops! Hey, in Chicago now and it is pretty quiet here!
Jo Ann: Funny clip, Sherm! So, Obama has two daddy's! Cool! :)
Jo Ann: I'll pop in if I can from the road, otherwise back in a week! :) Hey, kinda funny... Obamaland, then Bush Country! Huh!
Jo Ann: Hi everyone and this new "Dvez..." as I shall call you! Just to let you know that I am not "pulling an MGA" by being MIA lately... just busy with our auditions tour and on the road! Chicago and Houston next (leave Wed. am).
Sherman: Hey! Watch it, or else I'll fu689hxsg your xczef.
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Sherman: I love Obama even more! Check this footage LINK
Sherman: God, angry that Palin came to New England -- sets Citgo sign on fire.
Sherman: Palin makes campaign stops in NH today! Mouths "Hi MGA" to cameras.
Jo Ann: Well, I can't seem to link it, but if interested, go to the Human Rights Campaign Website!
Jo Ann:
Jo Ann: The Anti-LGBT groups are currently ahead in the polls. Donations to "No on Prop 8" will be doubled today! Every bit helps! :)
Sherman: For you former Bay Area (yeah, Jack -- you can pretend that PA is the Bay Area) -- Angel Island is on fire. It's been burning since last night. Pix at
Jo Ann: I don't want to see you get fired for doing something you weren't supposed to, Jack! :)
Jo Ann: But I think we already chatted about that a long time ago and you weren't able to do that, right? Why don't you check with Sherman, Jack. You don't want to go making changes without checking with the boss!
Jo Ann: Over in the comments section, it seems like you're seeing the post twice, before you post it. I guess it helps somewhat, but it's pretty much a mirror copy. What I think would be most useful all around, is not a prepost thing, but an edit, after posting
Jo Ann: Because here we're writing it in and it is disappearing and for me at work, my computer refreshes and I often lose what I wrote if I don't post it fast enough--which is irritating!
Jo Ann: Right, Jack! But here's the thing... it's more difficult to see it here in the "Line" than it is over in the comments section from the post. Personally, I think it'd be more useful here, than over there!
Jack: re Editing. Here's a oneliner power-user trick: Before hitting SUBMIT, you can go back and EDIT any part of the one line.
Jo Ann: That last post didn't make much sense (not like I often do)! But I meant that it is silly that the McCain camp announced that they cleared Palin! Big surprise!
Jo Ann: And thanks for clarifying about McCain and Troopergate. Yes, now I heard that on the news... how big of you, McCain camp! Brother!
Jo Ann: Yay for Connecticut for seeing the light! Woo hoo! :)
Jo Ann: And just so it is clear, Sherman meant that Connecticut joined the enlightened states... it didn't become more illuminated. Well, yah, that does work, too! Editing tool!
Jo Ann: Bwahahaha! Thanks for the solidarity, Sherm! I know, I read the original post and thought, wait--you should post it 5,024 times... then I saw it was a typo! Yes, Jack! We need an editing tool here! We can't be killing the jokes!
SHerman: That was suppposed to be "now" not "not". JACK! Can we get an editing tool?
Sherman: In solidarity with OP, I will not repost this 5,024 times.
Sherman: The Alaska legislature is about to release an independent report on Troopergate. McCain's campaign did their own "independent" investigation and they are declaring Palin is cleared. Kinda like having the criminal be the judge at their trial, huh?
Sherman: YEAH! Connecticut joins the enlighted states! Yeah!!!!!
Jo Ann: PS: when I said "I've said it before, but I can't say it enough"... well, maybe I have. At least for awhile! Hahaha!
Jo Ann: Should be "And using the baby..." I was gonna say that it's not very "family values" to do that. That's all. I'm done. :)
Jo Ann: On the other half of a comment: "nd using a baby as a political prop by passing it around like a hot potato."
Jo Ann: ... to Elisabeth yesterday, when Elisabeth was, again, attacking "Obama's judgment". And Sheri got in her face about McCain's judgment and all Elisabeth said was for Sheri to not make it personal. Geesh. Hypocrite!
Jo Ann: See the problem is that I TiVo The View. And Elisabeth has been very judgmental over the year on Clinton's scandal and mocks him regularly. But she supports McCain wholeheartedly. And Sheri (of all the hosts!) brought McCain's affair with Cindy up.
Jo Ann: All I meant to say was: Those who support McCain... blah, blah.