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February 06, 2003

Looking for an ftp client

Since upgrading to Mac OS X I've needed to update or replace a few of the tools I use everyday.

Lately I've been evaluating ftp clients.

I still like Anarchie 3.7 alot, but this older version is pre-Carbon and I'm trying to leave that stuff behind.

There doesn't seem to be a demo version of Interarchy. Also, I still have hard feelings from the "no comps for testers" thing of a few years ago so I don't want to give them money. And finally, Interarchy has really grown beyond its ftp client roots, it seems to have alot of bloat in order to support all the other net management stuff that is in it now.

So anyway, I'm looking around.

I looked at something called "Transmit". It was OK, but I really don't like the two-paned UI. Shades of the old Font-DA Mover. That's not the way it's done now.

"Fetch" is still very popular, and seems to be the standard, but last time I checked it used the two-pane UI too. So I'm staying away from that.

A year and a half ago I looked at "NetFinder" I liked it at the time. It did the right thing about one window per directory. Also it allowed file renaming in-place, duplicating files in a remote dir, and copying files from one remote dir straight to another remote dir. These were features I always craved in Anarchie. But then NetFinder bit me, and I almost lost some data. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but it scared me off, so I returned to Anarchie back then.

But I'm looking again, and NetFinder's UI and feature set are still very appealing. And this seems to be a newer version so I'm giving it another try. Looks promising so far.

Posted by jghiii at February 6, 2003 11:42 AM
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