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March 14, 2003

Friday Five

1. Do you like talking on the phone? Why or why not? Short calls, not long ones. I don't think that I'm wired to receive information in audio form. For example, I have friends who love to be read to. I don't. On the other hand, I love Prairie Home Companion on NPR Radio. Go figure.

2. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? Jack M, the president of the Prescott Park Arts Fest.

3. About how many telephones do you have at home? Not many, three I think. Plus my cell phone.

4. Have you encountered anyone who has really bad phone manners? What happened? Telephone sales people. I do my best to be rude back them, and waste their time.

5. Would you rather pick up the phone and call someone or write them an e-mail or a letter? Why or why not? I'm much more likely to write an email, but I wish I called more. It's more warm and personal.

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