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March 27, 2003

Fan Favorite Sent to San Diego

You're sitting at Fenway, a particular Boston player comes to bat, and crowd would start to chant. The first few times you hear this it seems that they're booing him. "Boo boo boo." Then you realize they are not saying "boo", they're saying "Lou". A real fan favorite, whenever Lou Merloni would come to the plate the fans would chant his name.

He tried hard for the Sox, filling in wherever and whenever they asked, usually playing well, but always just a little too overshadowed by others.

Due to an oddity of his contract, the Sox were able to send him up and down to the minors over and over and over. You felt bad for him. he was good, but never quite good enough. A big favorite of the fans, but then back to Pawtucket.

I've been rooting for Lou Merloni for years. I'd cheer "Lou" with the rest. I was hoping this was the year he'd stick with the big team. But the signs were on the wall.

So in a move that I think was, at least in part, a gesture of thanks to a loyal Red Sox player, Lou Merloni was dealt to the San Diego Padres. Rather than keep on the hook, the Boston management let him go to a team where he could be a big league player every day.

Good Luck. "Lou Lou Lou Lou!"

Posted by jghiii at March 27, 2003 08:02 AM
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