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March 31, 2003

Visit to VT

Scott and I were in VT over the weekend visiting our brother Dave, and his family.

Scott and Dave are real big on winter sports. Skiing, snowshoeing, cold stuff. Dave and his wife Lisa have been inviting me to visit all winter, and I wanted to. But only this past weekend did I consider it sufficiently spring-like to venture up into the wilderness.

Well of course, on the day I was visiting, the pleasant weather they've been having was interrupted by a spring snowstorm that dropped 4-5 inches on the area.

We had planned to go on a hike up one the the logging roads near their home, and they warned me that it was an all-weather thing. So we bundled up, strapped on the snowshoes, and headed out on a four hour hike along a roaring stream.

We mostly followed the old road, but spent about an hour "bushwacking" along the edge of the stream, and up and down its steep, snow-covered, banks. It snowed, sometimes pretty hard, during the whole hike. (Click on the image for a bigger version.)

It was tiring, and for about 12 hours afterwards every move I made was accompanied by a loud groan of pain, but all-in-all it was a great day. Beautiful country, even if it was snowing. (And their kids are cute.)

Posted by jghiii at March 31, 2003 02:10 PM
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