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April 10, 2003


I went out paddling today. The first time in over a week. We've had this weeklong spell of cold snowy weather here in springtime new england. It may be (knock on wood) over now. Forecast is for 50+ temps for the foreseeable future.

The new ice, that has replaced almost all the open water of a week ago, is really just firm slush, with lots of air bubbles in it. It breaks up very easily. I predict that, by the time the weekend is over, we'll be back to the amount of open water of a week ago.

Posted by jghiii at April 10, 2003 07:52 PM
Posted by: Mr Peabody on April 12, 2003 03:25 PM

The Berkeley Weather Report:

Rain! Hard rain, with wind. Nasty shit to walk thru (any children reading this should assume that an asterik replaced the h and the i in that dirty word) and umbrellas are no good because the wind is taking them out.

Of course, this is Cal Day. When all the recently accepted frosh and their families come to visit to see if Berkeley is really the den of hedonism that everyone in Southern Cali thinks it is. So all the activities are being rained on and blown away.

If the kids really want to check out Cal, they should come back in 8 days. That is the day you really see what Cal is like.

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