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May 04, 2003

Old Man Gone

Sherm: "The Old Man in the Mountain fell down! It's gone! ... Damn." I agree. Very sad. story.

Posted by jghiii at May 4, 2003 11:59 AM
Posted by: Mr Peabody on May 4, 2003 05:09 PM

Speaking of old men, I'm now taking quite a number of pills a day. A pill for hay fever. A Sudafed for stuffed up nose since the hayfever pills don't deal with that. Tylenol for headaches from not getting enough sleep. Cimeditine for upset stomachs, usually caused by all these pills and a bad schedule of eating.

Now here's today questions -- I'm currently trying a hay fever pill that dissolves in the mouth. There's a technical name for it, but I don't have the pill with me. What happens if, instead of letting it dissolve, you swallow it down with water? Is that okay?

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