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May 12, 2003

Rex Trailer's Boomtown RIP

Animation World Magazine reports that kids watching Saturday morning kid's TV is down dramatically: "Six key factors have led to children watching less Saturday morning cartoons: more recreational sports, the introduction of cable and satellite TV, the Internet and video games, a poorer quality of animation, and a greater emphasis on family time."

(I heard about this on Slashdot.)

Posted by jghiii at May 12, 2003 09:23 AM
Posted by: stefani harris on September 20, 2003 02:12 PM

hi Rex I used to live in Gloucester now in Needham and loved the movie mermaids w/cher and you as the dr...could you tell me if your scene in the hospital was at addison gilbert and also who was the bus driver and do you know where they filmed the church w/the waterfall in front of the church w/christina ricci fell in? and also the house where cher was supposedly living in the picture it looked lk the back rd down by hedge beach in rkpt i'd love to find out all the "poop" of the movie and the locations where they were billy still around or alive? my son loved it and also pleasure island.....
stefani harris thanks

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