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May 26, 2003

The Red Sox game where we're gonna deny Clemens his 300th win, is rain delayed. NESN is replaying the 1986 game where Clemens got 20 Ks against the Seattle Mariners.

Scorecard Apr 29, 1986, Seattle at Boston:
1 :: K; K; K
2 :: F7; K-swing; K
3 :: 4-3; K-look; F8
4 :: Single to right; K-swing; K--sw; (1B drops routine foul ball); K-checkswing

[They're removing the tarp in NYC so we may not get to see the entire 20K game.]

5 :: K-looking; K-looking; K-looking (total 12Ks)

[NESN skips ahead in the replay 'cause the live game is gonna start soon. 16 Ks after 7 innings. Score 3-1 Red Sox.]

8 :: K-swinging; Single to center; K-swinging (18, new Red Sox K record); F8 (18 total Ks)
9 :: K-swing; Phil Bradley K-looking (#20, new MLB record for Ks); 6-3 (Red Sox win 3-1)

Posted by jghiii at May 26, 2003 01:23 PM
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