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July 19, 2003

Halley writes:

Off to see My Fair Lady tonight. I must admit I love all the fighting and bickering between Eliza Doolittle and Henry HIggins and how they are so busy convincing one another how much they loathe the other while they are hopelessly falling in love. In the end, he knows he's hooked.

I love this story too. But one thing to remember is that over the years, and the versions, of this story, there have been TWO different endings. One where they end up together, and one where they don't.

I'd need to look up the specifics, but I believe it's gone like this: the original book (Pygmalian), they don't end up together. The non-musical movie, they do. The original stage musical (My Fair Lady), no. The movie musical, yes. The various stage musical revivals, it varied.

As I understand the history, GB Shaw's original intent was for them to NOT end up together.

Posted by jghiii at July 19, 2003 11:02 PM
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