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October 02, 2003

Junky Chinese

For years Sherm and I would go to eat at our favorite Harvard Sq Chinese Restaurant. I can't remember its name, but it was on Church Street, about halfway between Mass Ave and Brattle Street.

We liked this place 'cause you could get a really good "pu pu platter", and those little ovals of pork that were often found floating in the won ton soup.

A few years ago our place closed, and we didn't know where to turn. Then on one particular visit we decided to try the Hong Kong. I'd been walking past this place for decades, but never went in. It's a two story pink stucco facade on Mass Ave east of the Square.

This place is great.

It's become notorious lately as a favorite hangout of Dave Winer and the Harvard Sq blog crowd. Kinda like Jing Jing East, but very different. Michael Feldman describes it well in his blog piece about the upcoming BloggerCon festivities.

The Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square, site of the sure-to-be fabulous kick-off party for BloggerCon, has a long and storied past as a dark and private rock under which Harvard students can creep when they need to disappear without leaving campus, as well as a bottomless bowl of greasy faux-Chinese cuisine and high-octane, bizarrely garnished rum-based drinks. Read more...

[Update] After I wrote this, I read in Dave Winer's blog that he has never been to the Hong Kong. Well I would have sworn I'd read of at least a couple blog gatherings there. I guess I'm remembering things that were before Dave arrived in town. Halley's birthday?

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