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October 05, 2003

It's no curse. It an older sister thing

The Cubs just beat the Braves to move on the the NL Championship Series.

The Cubs haven't won a post-season series in 95 years. They haven't won a World Series in even longer than the Red Sox.

It used to be that a younger sister wasn't allowed to marry until her older sister married first. The Cubs are the older sister. The Red Sox aren't cursed, they are the younger sister. They can't win until the Cubs do.

Go Cubs.

(By the way, I hadn't realized this, but the last time the Red Sox won a Series was 1918. The team they beat was... the Cubs! I don't know what that fact does to my sister theory, but it's interesting.)

Posted by jghiii at October 5, 2003 11:21 PM
Posted by: sherman on October 6, 2003 02:06 AM

Wait. What the F did you just write? Go Cubs?

F the Cubs. Did you ever consider the older sister is a lesbian, and cannot, by law, get married? So it's up to the younger sister to get out there and breed.

Go Cubs....sheesh.

And after today, I'm almost ready to forgive Manny for his "I want to be in NY" comment. I'll allow that he must've been high on something.

Posted by: beth on October 6, 2003 07:50 AM

How nice to see that Shermy is back?

Posted by: sherman on October 6, 2003 02:48 PM

Speaking of Lesbians, it's Coming Out Week. Time to educate ourselves on all sorts of gay issues and history. Like, who was the homo president? Do you realize that Jody Foster is gay? Does anyone believe that Niles isn't a flaming homo -- in character or in real life? Just what do those admiring female American Idol fans think will happen with Clay if they ever get their hands on him -- the boy is total homo. This is the week when we ask those kinds of questions.

To celebrate Coming Out week, here's a joke for you:

Why did the gay whale bite open the submarine?

He wanted to suck out all the seamen.

Opps -- should I have done a Mom advisory warning before that joke?

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