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October 08, 2003

Now it gets complicated

I'm thinking that Arnold...

(By the way, I'm sorta old fashioned about these things. Out of respect for the office, and the system, I would like to refer to Arnold by his last name. For example, regular readers may note that even though I have no use for the man or his handlers, I never refer to the president as "shrub" or "W". So I'd like to call Arnold by his last name... but who-the-heck knows how to spell it?!) ...

Where was I? Oh yeah... I'm thinking that Arnold probably doesn't move into the state House TODAY. There must be some sort of official certifying process before Davis is actually OUT and Arnold IN. In the meantime, I'm betting that there will be lawsuits -- lots of lawsuits -- that will delay that move-in. So here's my question.

When does the normal term for Cali Governor end?

If the "process" drags out until the regular term ends, will Arnold just never ascend? And the winner of the next (regular election) is the one? How does this work?

Posted by jghiii at October 8, 2003 09:39 AM
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