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October 10, 2003

Good news, bad news

Bad news: The first comment to my little "I hate Roger" rant, pokes a bunch of holes in my, admittedly, emotional diatribe. The commenter makes some fair, and accurate, corrections to my revisionist history.

Good news: The Comment was made by David Pinto, the author of one of the best baseball weblogs on the net. David Pinto read my blawg! Maybe next time I'll say something intelligent.

By the way. I still hope we savage Roger this weekend.

Posted by jghiii at October 10, 2003 12:15 PM
Posted by: sherman on October 10, 2003 12:27 PM

Logic schmogic.

Roger is the demon. He is Satan.
First he played for Canadians -- which is the second most vile thing you can do in the world, eh? Just remember that it was Canadians that gave a minor league coaching job to he who must burn in the fires of hell forever for his bungle in Game 6. But then, he makes it all the worse by going to the evil empire and announcing that his Hall of Fame cap will be a Yankees hat.

No logic necessary -- Roger is evil and must be destroyed -- or at least majorly humiliated this weekend.

300? DENIED!
Game 3? DENIED!

Posted by: beth on October 10, 2003 12:51 PM

Come on Shermy tell us how you really feel.

Posted by: sherman on October 10, 2003 01:38 PM

C'mon. I was restrained. I abided by the "My Mother Reads This Blog!" standard set up by your wussy brother.

I didn't use the F word at all, which, when talking about Roger or he who should be cut with tiny razors and then dunked in a vat of salt water, is hard to do.

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