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October 10, 2003

Iranian Woman Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Gaurdian Unlimited: "The committee said Ms Ebadi represents reformed Islam, and lauded her for arguing for a new interpretation of Islamic law which is in harmony with vital human rights such as democracy and equality before the law."

Posted by jghiii at October 10, 2003 07:02 PM
Posted by: on November 16, 2003 05:17 AM

hi ...
I am so sorry for Mrs.Ebadi for this winnig .
She had sales her religion to catch a prize .
Islam is a holy religion and can not Compelete or reforme with a human .
We ( Iranians ) arnt happy to catch this prize , Becuase we have a lot of important poeples in iran who never need this prizes , But they can help iranian to know their actual positions in the world .

The Great Iran , The ancient Iran never sales their Religion to a Catch a RUBBISH PRIZE .

21 years Old / Tehran - Iran

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