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October 28, 2003

Great Story

There's a great story at the end of a longish (and all interesting) post by the redhead: "But we did the entire 3-act play solely for William Hurt and his assistant - as though there were a full house."

Posted by jghiii at October 28, 2003 12:39 PM
Posted by: red on October 28, 2003 12:47 PM

I'm touched you would link to that ramble. It is an amazing story, isn't it?

And as for "longish" - I'm older than I care to admit! Ouch!

Thanks for the link - I appreciate it.

Posted by: jgh on October 28, 2003 01:06 PM

One of my favorite lines from the theatre, is from the musical Chicago (although they cut it from the movie version), where Roxie confesses to the audience, "I'm older than I ever intended to be."

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