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October 31, 2003

Lights in the sky?

My brother, who lives up near Montpelior Vermont, sent me email saying he was surprised that I hadn't blogged anything about the recent 'solar storms' and the resultant increase in the Northern Lights.

I've never really ever seen the Nothern Lights, but I'd love to. When I was a teenager we saw what I believe was a minor display here in Southern NH. There were no colors involved. It was just what looked like a broad white mist, zooming across the sky.

I've seen the reports of expanded Nothern Lights activity in these southern latitudes due to the solar activity, and I've gone out most nights recently when the sky was unclouded. But no luck. Very disappointing.

Posted by jghiii at October 31, 2003 12:35 PM
Posted by: dave on October 31, 2003 01:04 PM

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in the night sky.

If I had not known what it was, and what was going on with the current solar storms, I would have thought that UFO’s were landing.

Posted by: sherman on October 31, 2003 01:40 PM

Geez, all we get in Berkeley is a lot of cell phone disruption which means rude people being even more distracted as they use their phones in restaurants and while they drive.

I notice the sun flare also caused a change in the spelling of Vermont's state capital.

Posted by: beth on October 31, 2003 02:34 PM

Excuse me, but I was the one who came home and told you about them. I was thinking the same thing as Dave and how fitting that we were out trick or treating and this bizarre thing was going on. I even reminded Judy about that movie...Night of the was that type of night. Everyone in the street was looking up and wondering what it was. Needless to say Judy told me to be quiet cause everyone outside died in that movie.

Posted by: george on October 31, 2003 07:28 PM

I can remember during the 80's being out boating at 3 am and seeing the Northern Lights all the time from the Lake.

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