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November 25, 2003

Put it on my tab.

Dan Gillmor:

This [the Bush administration's massive increase in the federal deficit], as much as anything else, will be the legacy of the Bush administration and a Republican-controlled Congress that will do anything to hold onto power and push through their radical programs for decades to come.

The sheer recklessness of what's going on in Washington is beyond breathtaking. We are creating a monster for our kids to fight. What will they think when they realize that they're going to pay for our selfishness? They may hate us.

Posted by jghiii at November 25, 2003 05:12 PM
Posted by: sherman on November 25, 2003 10:21 PM

Hate Bush.
Hate him very much.

That said, I think he can get away with this.

20 years ago Reagan was equally horrible -- creating a massive defecit and being so mean to the poor and the sick and I don't see a lot of people angry at him these days.

People are stupid. They forget. They blame more convenient targets.

Hate voters.
Hate them very much.

Posted by: jgh on November 25, 2003 10:42 PM

This is not like Reagan. From everything I've read, this is deficit spending that is unparalelled in history. This could well bankrupt our country. And it's not like we're spending it on high-minded things. We're spending it to promote an agenda that aims to benfit a small group of rightwing power brokers, and intends to shred the constitution in the process. Don't be blase. Don't accept this. It's a big deal, and it's never been this bad before.

Posted by: sherman on November 25, 2003 11:10 PM

Reagan tripled the defecit. He took it to a point where it had never existed before.

I think the blase 'tude comes from my second point -- that we can become enlightened and study this and talk about this, but the reality is that all those people living in the states that were colored red on election night media maps -- the center pieces to the puzzle because the states along the edges were all blue -- all those idiots have a vote and we can't stop them.

It's like this Michael Jackson thing -- who didn't see the train wreck coming? How can people still support him? Has Liz Taylor swallowed a chicken bone and it's cutting off the air to her brain? In the same light, Arnold is gonna eventually crash and burn over the sexual harassment and it was out there two years ago in Premiere Magazine and it was out there before the election in the LA Times and he still got 49% of the female vote.

Equally stupid were the people who listened when Reagan promised to cut taxes and increase defense spending. That's where the tripling of the defecit came from.

I agree with your outrage.
I just have more outrage for the people who put Bush in power.

Plus, it's thanksgiving, Jack.
Chill. Be the outraged guy next week. Let's talk turkey and appreciating our blessings.

Posted by: sherman on November 25, 2003 11:11 PM


If you don't already do so, you should buy a daily paper that has Boondocks in it. And you should get a hold of the newly published collection of the strips. You'll LOVE the politics.

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