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December 21, 2003

History was made yesterday

SteveG relays the Boston Globe's report that his friend, Ravi Jain, along with "transportation pioneer" partner Stefan Economou, and a small entourage, succeeded in being the final car to travel along the elevated central artery.

Economou put the car in drive, crawling forward at 5 miles per hour as Jain stuck his torso out the window and waved farewell to the city.

And then, a new era... Also from the Globe:

...a tunnel routing Interstate 93 under downtown Boston finally opened Saturday, replacing the hulking elevated highway that has marred the landscape for more than four decades.

The opening of the southbound lanes was a milestone marking the last stretch of major construction in Boston's Big Dig, one of the largest and most expensive public infrastructure projects in U.S. history.

[MORE: Ravi Jain has posted video of the drive over on his blog.]

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