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January 05, 2004

"Bush in 30 Seconds" finalists has posted the 15 finalists to their open competition for "creative ads that will engage and enlighten viewers and help them understand the truth about George Bush". BoingBoing liked this one best, and I think I agree, although I like this one too.

Sadly, Gone East friend Steve Garfield's entry didn't make the finalists, but big props go out to all who got involved and tried to spread the word.

Posted by jghiii at January 5, 2004 04:23 PM
Posted by: J N Lunneen on January 12, 2004 11:14 AM

Publish Bush's IQ

Posted by: sherman on January 12, 2004 12:18 PM

His IQ?

Can this blog handle fractions?

Posted by: sherman on January 12, 2004 12:19 PM

So Bush's library burned down.

Both his books were burned.

Including one he hadn't colored yet.

Bada bing!

Posted by: sherman on January 12, 2004 12:22 PM

I know, I know -- old joke. It was an Agnew joke the first time I heard it. Here's another -- which was a Dick/Pat/Kissinger joke the first time I heard it.

The secret service reports to President Bush that someone has written BUSH SUCKS in the snow outside the White House. And it was written in urine. Someone had written it by pissing in the snow. "Find out who did this!" demands Bush.

A day later the White House secret service reports back and says "We have bad news sir." "Well, who did it?!" replid Bush. "It was Dick Cheney, Sir."
"Why you're right, that's terrible news." "Um, no Sir. That's not the bad news. The bad news is that it's Laura's handwriting."

Bada bing bada boom!

Posted by: Jack Hodgson on January 12, 2004 12:39 PM

Sherm (Not Steve): ROTFLMAO! I don't think I've ever heard that one. Very good.

I'm tempted to move it out onto the main page. But I think I'll leave it here for people who are willing to work for it.

[UPDATE: I make no apology in admitting that Sherm's posts often leave me confused.]

Posted by: sherman on January 12, 2004 02:25 PM

Steve? Huh? Don't go confusing an old man after he spent a sunday night entertaining some 20 somethings and impressing them with the fact that my bong is older than they are.


And yes, leave it just here in comments. Interestingly, Face The Nation had a group of journalists trying to explain the blog culture so they could discuss how various candidates are using it to promote themselves. Now these were old journalists like Broder who are too old to get into blogging, so they had this young punk reporter explain to everyone else what a blog is. He did know that the term was short for web log, but I found delight in his explanation that while someone does control the blog and the postings, the REAL blogging happens in the comments sections -- that the real good stuff is under the surface.


But again: Steve?

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