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January 07, 2004

Install the patch please Hal.

Andy Ihnatko, my old friend who has too checkered a past to even begin going into here, posted this mini-drama which chronicles the delayed installation of an important security patch:

"Hey, you upgraded to the 9000-series last week, right?"

"Yeah. The new Photoshop ran like a pig on the old machine. Why?"

"The last time it ran an Auto-Update, did it download an OS patch? Like, a really big one?"


"That's a relief. I thought there might be something wrong with mine. I keep getting a message from Auto-Update telling me that there's a 'critical' OS upgrade waiting to be installed, but when I click 'OK' HAL says that it's not compatible with his system configuration. So you're getting the same message, too?"


Posted by jghiii at January 7, 2004 10:13 AM
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