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January 07, 2004

How Old?!

Today is David, my brother who ran away to Vermont, it's his birthday.

He used to be a degenerate ski-bum. Now he's a proud dad, lucky husband, and a slave to the american-dream of home-ownership. I want to grow up to be just like him.

Posted by jghiii at January 7, 2004 04:33 PM
Posted by: sherman on January 7, 2004 05:41 PM

Happy BDay David. By the way -- do people call you Sherman too? Like Richards get to be Dicks, and Williams get to be Bills -- don't all Davids get to be Shermans?

And Jack, Jack, Jack -- this is an interesting attempt to assert that you haven't grown up yet, but you are an old man of 50 now. Give it up. You're past grown up and already into "put it in the fridge before it spoils" mode.

Posted by: beth on January 7, 2004 06:49 PM

Hey leave my brother alone. You are getting there you know.

Posted by: Mark on January 8, 2004 07:23 AM

Yeah Sherm. Leave him a loan. Make it a big enough one for the downpayment.

Let's see, a thirty year mortgage now would be paid off by when?

The joys of home "ownership."

Posted by: dave on January 8, 2004 10:31 AM

I was what kind of Ski Bum ???

"When you grow up, you want to be just like me"

Ha! and they said you were the smart one in the family????

Jack, you may not have grown up yet, but your still older then me, and like Beth and Sherm, we are still closer to 1 then 100, unlike your self.

Posted by: beth on January 8, 2004 10:48 AM

I'm closer to one than Sherm is....

Posted by: Jack's mom on January 8, 2004 11:33 AM

Why would anyone in his right mind change his name to Sherm when he had a perfectly good name like David.

Posted by: Jack Hodgson on January 8, 2004 11:52 AM

Sherm didn't CHANGE his name. We GAVE him this new name when we were in high school. It was an honor that we paid to him. Which he's never properly repaid.

Posted by: Mark on January 8, 2004 12:10 PM

Oh, then it wouldn't be a loan. It would be payback.

Payback's a bit.. much don't you think, Sherm?

Posted by: sherman on January 8, 2004 12:22 PM

Whoa, George Orwell -- a little bit of revisionist history, isn't it?

I was born David Andrew. I was never a Dave. My orthodontist did call me Davey, but I always then associated that name with excruciating pain and twisting wires in my mouth.

In 8th grade, I was the geek. The closet fairy. The skinny unathletic one. And according to Melrosian culture, than meant I was to be weeded out and mercilessly harassed. Ah, 8th grade was a bad, bad year. Gym class especially. And Latin as well. Latin is the only academic high school class that I flunked. (That uniqure distinction ended in college where I flunked far more courses than I passed.) So it developed that I had to start wearing glasses in 8th grade. God seems to really have a sick sense of humor -- there I am suffering at the hands of bullies...I'm only 4' 10"...and does God give me a growth spurt? No, he makes me into a four-eyes. So I got glasses, and my Latin class decided to give me a nickname for my new glasses and one kid suggested that with these new glasses I looked like that geeky kid in that cartoon. It took them forever to remember that the boy with the glasses who was owned by the dog was named "Sherman". And that's what they started calling me.

It was a taunt and an insult at first, which I had to endure with everything else: 8th grade really was a miserable time for me. Then I shifted up to the high school and my wiseass skills made me popular with the kids in the high school band. Like Anthony Michael Hall in 16 Candles, I sorta became King of the Geeks, and I was popular. And when they found out some people called me Sherman, they didn't think it was a taunt -- they thought it was cool and unusual. So they started calling me Sherman as an affectionate nickname.

So it was mean jock boys who gave me the name, but it was flute players and drummers and clarinetists who turned it into an identity.

Eventually, all the people I cared about called me Sherman and it eventually evolved to the point that just before I left for California, I went to court and made it legal.

Posted by: dave on January 8, 2004 03:56 PM

I wish people would call me Sherman, if I were a Sherman, life would me much more simple.

Posted by: sherman on January 8, 2004 09:42 PM

Hey Sherm --- don't dream it. Be it.

Posted by: Jo Ann on January 9, 2004 04:44 AM

I always thought Sherman was the older one...

Posted by: Jo Ann on January 9, 2004 06:13 AM

By the way, that was a touching story, Sherman.

I want to be a Sherman, too. Can we all be Sherman's? We can call it the "No Sherman Left Behind Act".

Really, it was a cool story.

Posted by: dave on January 9, 2004 12:27 PM

Shermy has written many toaching stories in the past on this web site.

As it has been said before, Sherm is 50% of the reason some of us read this web site....

Posted by: beth on January 9, 2004 01:02 PM

That is true, I check the comments to see what my friend Sherm has to say...I'm so sorry you had such a bad time in school...I never would have guessed.

Posted by: sherman on January 9, 2004 02:50 PM

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

I don't mean to come across as some sad soul looking for sympathy. My life is Melrose was tough on me, but I learned from it. It was good for me. Melrose and my family made me what I am today. I am a reaction to all that I went through. In coaching, I always liked taking the oddball kid under my wing and encouraging them. After growing up in a home where feelings weren't discussed and no one touched each other, I tend to be very emotional and affectionate. And that style works well for me as a college advisor.

The irony is that I'm now very tight with jocks. Student-Athletes are probably my favorite group to work with these days. I do a lot of academic coaching with varsity athletes. I've got a rep on campus for getting thru to the athletes who no one else can connect with. The fact that I embrace my geekiness and am very sincere and express emotions to them works to my advantage. I don't think these jocks have ever dealt with someone like me. In contrast to their Drill Sgt coaches, I'm the papa bear who gives them a hug when they lose instead of a tongue lashing.

So after being picked on by jocks in high school, now I get stuff like this:

I was big-brothering a kid from a single-mother home. He's a jock himself and was on his jr high football team. Because of the work I do, I got us sideline passes for a football game for me, him, and his best buddy. We got the all access passes and got the freedom to walk up and down the sidelines of the game. One of my football players also got him some free stuff from the team, and he got to collect a lot of autographs on a team football that he was given. There were a couple of players on the team that I worked with that were NFL bound. The kid, Tom, knew about those players from all the stories about them in the paper. So at one point, we were moving from one end of the field to the other to follow the plays, and we passed behind the Cal team's bench. As we passed to get to the other end of the field, one of the NFL bound players yelled out "SHERMY-SHERM!!! Get over here!" (It was either that or Sherm-Dawg -- that's what I get called.) So we got invited to join the team on the bench and Tom and his buds were just in awe that they got to sit on the bench with me and the players. I scored many many points on the coolometer because I knew these NFL bound football players.

From "fairy" to "Shermy-Sherm" --- not a bad path to take.

Posted by: Jo Ann on January 9, 2004 04:05 PM

I know, I love Sherman stories! I have gotten quite a few on email... I think there is a "Best of Sherman Stories" coming out on paperback soon. The 'underdoggedness' of the stories are what's so cool, without being sappy like a Steven Speilberg movie... I know, I know, they're great movies, but come on! Give me a Shermy-Sherm story over a Stevie Speilberg movie anyday! :-)

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