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January 15, 2004


I'm hunkered-down, indoors today. The forecast is to get down to like minus 10 degrees F tonight.

I was planning on attending the Dave Winer Thursday night thing tonight. I've not been to one yet, and they sound interesting. But the forecast makes tonight's meeting sound possibly life-threatening. Next week I hope.

I did make it out last night to the monthly BMac meeting. Fun recap of the recent MacWorld Expo from a couple of members who attended.

After the meeting I had a nice talk with BMac president Jonathon Duke. Duke's been head of this thing since it rose from the ashes of the death of BCS in 1996.

We talked a little about whether it made any sense to celebrate the 20th birthday of the group in May.

This may be a little controversial, since it was BCSMac that started in May 1984, and some might say that BCSMac died with BCS in 1996.

I've asked around about this, and I believe that BMac is the actual, continuous descendent of BCSMac, and that BMac can rightfully claim to have been founded in '84, and that it will turn 20 in May.

It's all still very preliminary, but I'd like to see BMac have a cake and some kind of tschotchke to celebrate the milestone. I'm also thinking that a MacWorld Boston July party is in order.

Anyway... as I hide out from the cold, I've been doing alot of work on my new web project. I hope to introduce it in the next few days.

Posted by jghiii at January 15, 2004 03:42 PM
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