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February 03, 2004


Tomorrow (err, well, TODAY actually) is the next episode of America's quadrennial reality show, the Presidential Election. So far this latest season has been unusually compelling, with the lead seesawing from one player, err, candidate to another. Longshots threatening to come from nowhere and grab the lead. And disappointed contestants screaming in frustration after a poor performance in an immunity challenge, umm, caucus.

Here's what I'm looking for in tomorrow's Tuesday's gaggle of primary states:

  • Will Edwards win S. Carolina? He's pretty much gotta.
  • Will Clark show enough strength anywhere to retain any credibility. I'm betting no.
  • Will Dean convince anyone that he's not dead? It was probably a longshot from the very beginning.
  • Will the Kerry juggernaut continue? Some say he blew his wad in Iowa and NH.
  • Will Lieberman come in "third" again? Give or take 10%-age points.
  • Other surprises?

Posted by jghiii at February 3, 2004 12:11 AM
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