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February 04, 2004

Was Rupert unknown?

I was under the impression that the filming of All-Star Survivor had begin before the airing of Survivor 7, and thus the pre-S7 players hadn't had a chance to see Rupert in action. That produced some discussion in comments, including this from RickF.

"Actually, about half the season of Survivor 7 aired prior to the "All-Stars" departure for their adventure. I know this because Lex (who is at All-Star) was writing a column on the most recent Survivor for a newspaper in Santa Cruz. His columns mysteriously stopped mid-season, clearly because he left for the shows we're starting to see now."

So I did some research and I discovered this... Remember that most of this is unofficial info.

Survivor 7 Pearl Islands aired Sep 19 - Dec 14 2003.

According to a November 14 article at

"The filming and production of Survivor: All-Stars, featuring contestants from previous Survivor seasons, began several days ago in Panama, according to sources."

And this date is somewhat confirmed by this Reality World article:

"[S8] filming to wrap by early December"

So I guess Rick and the others are right. The earlier Survivors did have a chance to see Rupert.

Posted by jghiii at February 4, 2004 06:09 PM
Posted by: Jo Ann on February 4, 2004 08:07 PM

This is all very interesting! I read Beth's comment and thought it was a very good observation! And now I see Rick and Jack's comments too. However it was all timed out, it does make sense that the All-Star survivors would have the opportunity to see Pearl Island Survivor. If they didn't see it, Rupert would have been at an advantage as everyone else would know how everyone else played the game... except Rupert. Interesting!

Posted by: beth on February 5, 2004 08:20 AM

Yes but Im glad they had a chance to see him in action...somehow makes he seem less seems everyone else there knows everyone else and Rupert doesnt really know anyone and you know he can be so sensitive sometimes. Still the little kid who got teased when he was young.

Posted by: Jo Ann on February 5, 2004 04:00 PM

I know, poor Rupert! He does look like a little puppy dog that's lost his way! But he's one smart cookie and if he doesn't get voted out, I think he'll find his groove in the group. I liked the moment Rudy asked to align with him. Flattering for Rupert and it should work, as both are honorable men (I think). Rupert does have that wild streak in his temper; I hope he can keep that in check!

I'm kind of worried about Rudy though. He looks great for his age, but he does seem a bit older than when he was on last. Looks like he might have lost his footing a bit--but I hope not.

I'm pulling for those two!

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