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February 11, 2004

Dowbrigade on blogging into the TiVo

Dowbrigade write about videoblogging

BTW I was one of the "younger cyber-rangers" and "whippersnappers" that he refers to. Cool. And he's got it just right. This is the way it could easily turn out.

But then, last week, some of the younger cyber-rangers of the Berkman crew strongly lobbied for a third path. We need, they said, to get INSIDE THE TUBE. We need access to America's television sets. The technology is already there. Smart video recorders connected to computers connected to the internet and to digital cable can mix and match streams andserve up any combination of programming at any time.

The technology exists now to allow you to get back from the bars at 1 am and then turn on your TiVo to watch 20 minutes of live CNN followed by a 20-minute condensation of the NBC evening news (no commercials) followed by a 20-minute compendium consisting of 5 minutes of Instapundit, 5 minutes of Scripting News, 5 minutes from Adam Curry and 5 minutes from Dowbrigade. Or perhaps more realistically (since 5 minutes of air time is a lot to fill up) 2 minutes each from our top 10 favorite video-blogs.

All we need is the content, and an aggregator to collect it and send it to the VR (video recorder). But here is where we saw a problem. It is one thing to put together a decent-looking blog posting (even a simpleton like the Dowbrigade can do it!), and quite another to master video production, cutaways, transitions, voiceovers and camera techniques. We couldn't see anything less than a team of 3 or 4 experienced specialists doing a decent job.

What an antiquarian mind set we have! We were promptly informed by the whippersnappers at the table, by using iMovie and a decent WebCam, ready-for-prime-time production quality is already within the reach of a solo video journalist, and as video streams become more available tools will be created to enable "regular folks" to cut and paste, juxtapose and comment on video as easily as we currently manipulate copy.

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