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March 09, 2004

Forty Years Later

Boston Dirt Dogs have this riveting (a little long, but riveting) memorial to Red Sox Legend Tony Conigliaro. Like Kelly, I've aways had strong sense of the tragedy of Tony C's lost career.

Shaun L. Kelly :

Tony settles into his familiar stance, his bat cocked, his coffee eyes staring out assertively at the pitcher. A fastball is tossed at the catcher's tattered glove. As soon as the sphere is delivered, Conig's vigorous eyes become wide ovals as the ball whistles towards the strike zone. He swings with the panache of a bullfighter; his bat strikes the red numbers on his back as he completes his stroke. In less than a second, Dad and I quickly rise from our blue seats as the white ball make its way towards Lansdowne Street. In the last moment of my life, all would be finally right with the world.

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