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March 20, 2004

Survivor All-Stars Notes - Ep#8

Posted after Ep #8, Mar 17, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

>> Kathy's comments after returning from Reward: "They hugged me at Chapera." Is Kathy scheming to be transferred to Chapera?

>> Is Kathy the only player who wears glasses?

>> Logrolling Reward Challenge

>> Did Kathy hurt herself by not choosing good items?

>> Mogo Loses. Is Kathy betraying Mogo? Is it really obvious?

>> Rob and Amber.... eeeeuuuuuwwww! Will they betray one another? Will one of them sacrifice themself for the other. What's with the dorky piano music????

>> Immunity: Target Practice

>> Jeri's lame dart wins the round! Rob's lame arrow wins immunity!!!

>> Pretty lame target shooters. Only Jerri, Rupert and Rob made any contact. Chapera wins Immunity. Mogo goes to TC.

>> Ethan is pissed that Jerri gets to stay longer than him. I repeat: It's not about "winning" it's about "surviving"

>> At TC, Lex makes a big speech about how a #1 could win in final 2. What's that about if Ethan know he's gonna vote him off? Maybe it's Lex rationalizing voting Ethan out now.

>> Ethan voted off. Who did Kathy vote for?... She voted for Ethan.

>> All the past winners gone now. All #2s gone too. Three final fours remaining: Kathy, Lex and Tom. Africa finally blooded. Only "old friends" still together on a tribe: Alicia and Amber.

>> There are now 3 remaining original Mogas and 3 original remaining Sabogas

>> Tribes out of balance now, the "next week on Survivor" hints that they will shuffle the members to even the numbers. Will Amber and Rob get split?

>> Overall Survivor Note: I think that starting out with 3 tribes has really improved things. Made for more permutations, and more options for Mark/Jeff. I hope they keep it in Season 9.]


# Remaining from the Meta-Tribes

Pula Tiga 1 of 4
Australia 3 of 5
Africa 2 of 3
Marqesas 2 of 2
Thailand 1 of 1
Amazon 0 of 2
Pearl Isl. 1 of 1

# Latest tribe lists

# Chapera (6 members)
Alicia 2-Australia 9th
Amber 2-Australia 6th
*Boston Rob 4-Marqesas 10th
*Tom 3-Africa 4th
*Rupert 7-Pearl Isl. 8th (was Saboga)
Jenna L. 1-Pulau Tiga 8th (was Saboga)

# Moga (4 members)
Kathy 4-Marqesas 3rd
Lex 3-Africa 3rd
Shii Ann 5-Thailand 10th
Jerri 2-Australia 8th (was Saboga)

Order Out:
1 - Tina 2-Australia 1st (was Saboga)
2 - *Rudy 1-Pulau Tiga 3rd (was Saboga)
3 - Jenna M. 6-Amazon 1st (was Moga)
4 - Rob C. 6-Amazon 3rd (was Chapera)
5 - *Richard 1-Pulau Tiga 1st (was Moga)
6 - *Susan 1-Pulau Tiga 4th (was Chapera)
7 - Colby 2-Australia 2nd (was Moga)
8 - *Ethan 3-Africa 1st (was Saboga) (was Moga)

My S8 Status Page

Posted by jghiii at March 20, 2004 08:36 AM
Posted by: Dalton Ross on March 20, 2004 04:55 PM

Gone Zohn

Another won bites the dust. They're getting picked off like flies -- the former winners (and hot men) -- and Dalton Ross feels your pain, ladies

 WINNING LOSER The thing that seemed to bother EZ the most was getting voted off before Jerri
Okay, I'm gonna get to all the latest ''Survivor'' shenanigans in just a second, yet once again I've been baffled by a ''Survivor''-related ad campaign. You faithful readers out there -- yes, all three of you -- know last week I shared with you my mystification over the Colby Donaldson-endorsed Shick Quattro. And now I've had it up to here with Tylenol. I just don't get it, people. Last week Sue Hawk was crowned the ''Tylenol Push Through the Pain'' winner, for (from what I gather) quitting the game.

And now Ethan Zohn has been honored with the same title for (from what I can gather) what amounted to breaking a paddle and then losing a seemingly insurmountable lead to Boston Rob in the reward/immunity challenge. Evidently, I'm missing something here because I always thought pushing through the pain equated succeeding in the face of adversity, but apparently it is more akin to failing in every way imaginable. What, is Jerri gonna win next week for shooting three straight blanks with the bow and arrow? Hey, just asking!

Speaking of Jerri... I love her! Seriously, could this woman be any more mentally unstable at this point? ''Knock, knock. You hear that sound, Colby? That's the bellboy. He just took all my baggage away,'' she said about ousting her former ''Outback'' nemesis. Are you kidding me? This broad has more baggage than freakin' Samsonite! And what makes for even BETTER TV than watching Jerri sulk and sass people is watching all her tribemates that hate her have to deal with it. ''She does NOT deserve to be here!'' Ethan kept repeating to Lex while slamming his fist into his hand. Did you see how mad he was getting? I thought his funky little white boy dreads were gonna catch on fire or something from being so damn hot.

I will give Ethan his props, however. Even though he pretty much screwed up every challenge imaginable, he fought till the very end, and then once the votes were cast, he walked away without being bitter. Lex said he wanted to see if Ethan would be a gracious loser, and I thought he was. I also thought...

WE INTERRUPT THIS COLUMN TO BRING YOU THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE: Amber Brkich is insane. Out of her head. A loon. How else to explain her attraction to Boston Rob? Now look, I've given the Sox fan his due all along. He has owned this game so far (and he continued that trend again, by beating both Lex and Ethan in the reward challenge log roll) and the guy is pretty much a quote machine. But that doesn't mean I'd make out with him. Even if I were a girl. Or gay. Or a straight guy just open to a little experimentation.

Look in those conditions, when you are hot, hungry, tired, dirty, riddled with bug bites, and often sitting in torrential rain storms, the last thing you want to do is get it on. With ANYBODY, much less a joker like Boston Rob. Especially when he discusses you in romantic terms like these: ''Amber is slammin'. She's sweet. She's beautiful. She's funny. She's got a great personality. Her ass is smokin' too.''

Of course, Amber's explanation was that ''he makes me feel safe,'' which is basically was her way of saying ''I'm just as weak and helpless as I was in Australia.'' Which is exactly why the increasing chances that she is going to make it very, very far in this game are increasingly more depressing.

WE NOW RETURN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED COLUMN, STILL IN PROGRESS: Wait, what the hell was I talking about? Oh, right. Ethan. You know what, ladies? I feel sorry for you. You too, gay guys. And you too, straight guys open to a little experimentation. All the hot dudes are dropping like flies: Colby, Ethan, Richard Hatch…. Okay, maybe just Colby and Ethan. But still, the male eye candy is now down to just Boston Rob, and it seems he's taken. Big Tom, on the other hand... Get a few drinks in him, and he's ALL yours.

Posted by: Sherman on March 20, 2004 05:05 PM

I don't even know if the show is worth watching now, Dalton.

And by the way, you hint that you're str8, but you write like you're gay. I'd swear you will miss Ethan's nips as much as I will.

One thing no one mentions about the Ethan/Boston Rob thing. It's a huge class issue. Ethan's from Lexington -- very wealthy and privilidged (sp?) suburb. When I was coaching debate at Classical High in Providence, the team from Lexington was the one I loved to beat the most because they're kids were so cocky and obnoxious. They are the kind of rich kids who think they deserve the world and are better just because they got lucky and were born to rich mommies and daddies. Wacked out sense of entitlement. Oh, they are pretty to look at -- the rich breed well, but they are obnoxious. You gotta know that Ethan got the skills to be a pro soccer player because his rich mommy and daddy paid for private coaching and never made him work during the summer but instead he went to soccer camps.

Meanwhile, with that accent, Boston Rob has to be from Dorchester or Southie. Blue collar Boston. Make it on your own part of town cuz there's no rich mommy or daddy taking care of you. These two would never be friends, and BRob must have loved how soft Ethan was in those challenges and how easily he took him out in competition.

Posted by: beth on March 20, 2004 06:34 PM

You know I liked Amber a lot better at the beginning when she was just using Boston Rob for foolishly she thinks he will be me if it comes down to getting ahead in the game or being loyal to Amber....well you know which one he'll pick. And what was up with Lex's speech at TC...a previous survivor can win again...all the while knowing Ethan was going home. I thought I liked Lex but now I'm not so far as Ethan winning the Tylenol thing...I thought Amber should have gotten it...did you see her fall on the dock at the Immunity Challenge. But then you have to remember the viewers vote for the winner of the Tylenol thing. Oh Jack Jerri wears glasses too.

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