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March 25, 2004

Daily Quote -- GB Shaw

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.

-- George Bernard Shaw

Posted by jghiii at March 25, 2004 10:28 AM
Posted by: MGA on March 25, 2004 02:02 PM

Ok, is this part of the 200 or is this an additional quote making the total 201?

And why here? Why didn't it show up on the upper right hand with the other quotes that change?

All right, I'm just picking on you. And I like the feature. And I like the quotes. (This one especially).

So are we now all supposed to e-mail you more quotes for inclusion?

Posted by: Jack Hodgson on March 25, 2004 02:23 PM

I'm liking the quotes feature too. I've had them tucked away in a file, which I add to on a regular basis, but which I don't look through very much.

The "daily quote" is one of the 200 (actually it's currently 210).

I realized that people were liking the quotes, but that everyone was seeing different ones. And I thought if we all saw the same one it might be fodder for comments.

So I figure that each morning I'll take what comes up randomly on the page for me, and I'll paste it into a blog post and see if it generates any conversation.

Yes, feel free to send along additions to the set. I don't promise I'll add every quote I'm sent, but I think you'll start to see some of the themes I like.

Posted by: sherman on March 25, 2004 11:07 PM

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess."

----- some smart ass.

Posted by: sherman on March 25, 2004 11:10 PM

The Shaw quote is nice. It reminds me of that saying that goes something like this: Reasonable men adjust to their surroundings, while unreasonable men expect their surroundings to adjust to them. Since progress involves changing the way things are to better suit man, all progress in the world has been made by unreasonable men.

Posted by: MGA on March 26, 2004 07:52 AM

I had heard "Anything worth doing" quote as ending "is worth over-doing."

Along with Robert Heinlein quoting his fictional charcter Lazarus Long as saying "Everything to excess. Moderation is for monks."

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