April 23, 2004

Survivor All-Stars Notes - Ep #13

[Complete set of my Survivor All Star Notes]

Posted after Ep #13, April 22, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

Notes written while watching the episode:

>> ShiiAnn thinks she's next to go.

>> The whole gang in the tent talking about ShiiAnn. If she's the one to be voted out tonite, would the editors be this blatent about it in the first 2 mins of the ep?

>> Family Feud/Smash the Mask Reward.

Winner decides who gets big vs small meal.

Wouldn't the winner want to avoid resentment by giving himself the smallest? So wouldn't it make sense to take a dive on this, so you'll at least get a meal bigger than the smallest.

Q1) Who would you trust with your life? Rob.
Q2) Who does not deserve to be an all-star? Tie: ShiiAnn & Alicia
Q3) Who uses sex appeal as a weapon? Amber (unanimous)
Q4) Who is under the false assumption that they are smart? Alica (!!)
Q5) Who is the most honest? Rupert
Q6) Who never shuts up? Jenna

Rupert wins reward.

Who cut who's ropes:

(X) means this was an elimination hit.

Alicia: ShiiAnn-Rob-Amber
Amber: BigTom-Jenna-Alicia-Rob-Rupert
Jenna: BigTom-Amber
ShiiAnn: Alicia-Jenna(X)
Rupert: ShiiAnn-ShiiAnn(X)-Rob(X)-Amber(X)
BigTom: Jenna
Rob: Big Tom(X)-Alicia(X)

Amber got the most right, 5... Rupert eliminated the most, 3... Rob eliminated people on both of his hits... Rupert was the only one to hit the same person more than once, ShiiAnn... Rupert was untouched until the end when he was the only choice.

Notable: They don't like Alicia... Rob is "trusted"... Rupert is loved?

But this really amazes me: Amber gave Rob his second hit when she could have simply given Rupert his first!!! And thus set-up Rob to be eliminated next. This probably changed the whole thing in Rupert's favor. Why is Rob not unhappy with this? Unless Rob WAS trying to throw the thing and had signalled Amber somehow.

>> Alicia pointed the fingers while talking to Jenna!!!

>> Jenna giving Rupert advice on how to assign the meals. What's that about?

>> Rupert lamenting that he won. Why didn't he listen to me!?

>> Rupert: "This adventure is geared toward making hard feelings between people" Well DUH! "I hate being the person who makes them."

Rupert takes the steak... Rupert let them each choose what they wanted. Here's the order he let them choose: Rob chooses the burger... Jenna chooses hotdog... Amber chooses ham sandwich... Alicia chooses salad... Tom picks the potatoes... ShiiAnn gets the rice. No one made a sacrifice and picked a lesser item.

>> They had to sit there and watch Rupert eat when they were finished.... Rupert drank A LOT of beers.

>> Rob: "Alliance of Four" is Rob, Amber, Jenna, Rupert.

>> ShiiAnn trying to turn Rupert against Rob... Alicia campaigning BT to vote off Rupert... Alicia believes the alliance is: BT-Rob-Amber-Alicia... BT telling Rob that Rupert is a danger... ShiiAnn and Alicia talking...

>> Bucket-O-Water Endurance Immunity... This could go LONG!

Amber 4 mins
Jenna 10 mins
BigTom 16 mins
Alicia 38 mins (Jeff got splashed!)

(Jenna to Rupert: "Don't give up.")

Rob 1 hr 24 mins (accidentally lost, or did he?)

(The crowd openly rooting, and helping, Rupert)

Rupert "two hours"

>> ShiiAnn wins, is jubilant, throwing it in the faces of the others, "Take that!" Alicia: "Don't forget you have to go home with us. Be very careful sweetheart."

>> ShiiAnn backpedalling on her taunting them when she won. Trying to apologize and minimize it.

>> ShiiAnn says that the targets are now Alicia, Rob and Rupert. (Personally at this point, I fear for Rupert.) She insults all the others. No wonder she's in such a bad spot.

>> ShiiAnn telling Rupert that they must vote for Rob or Rupert is next... Lots of vulture shots... Rob says his two choices are to go with either Rupert-Jenna or BigTom-Alicia... Rob seeing Rupert and ShiiAnn talking can't be good for Rupert... Amber says to ShiiAnn that it's tween Rupert and Jenna, ShiiAnn says it's Rupert and Rob...

>> Rob reads his letter from home to Amber... look close, it appears that there are some words in the letter blacked out... censored.

>> Rob again appears to be genuinely smitten with Amber. Rob: "I could be the biggest sucker in history."

At Tribal Council:

Rupert: "My number could be up."

Rob: "What are you giving them ideas for Jeff?" When Jeff says maybe he is the one to vote off.

Rob votes for Alicia, does that telegraph the alliance's choice?

Alicia voted out. Was it unanimous? One Rupert vote was from Alicia?

So the strong alliance is Rob-Amber-Rupert-Jenna. Does BigTom realize he's odd-man-out now?

>> Alicia says she had a handshake with Rob and now she feels betrayed. But she doesn't know for sure that Rob voted for her... although I guess they all know that Rob is the puppepmaster.

>>Australia now down to one... None of the seasons have multiple players left... 3 men, 3 women... Alicia is the lowest(worst) original finisher to be voted out yet, 9th...

# Remaining from the Meta-Tribes

Pula Tiga 1 of 4
Australia 1 of 5
Africa 1 of 3
Marqesas 1 of 2
Thailand 1 of 1
Amazon 0 of 2
Pearl Isl. 1 of 1

# Latest tribe list

# Chaboga Moga (CBM) (6 members)
name season finish all-star tribes
==== ====== ====== ===============
Amber 2-Australia 6th Chapera->CBM
Jenna L. 1-Pulau Tiga 8th Saboga->Chapera->Moga->CBM
*Boston Rob 4-Marqesas 10th Chapera->Moga->CBM
*Tom 3-Africa 4th Chapera->Moga->CBM
*Rupert 7-Pearl Isl. 8th Saboga->Chapera->Moga->CBM
Shii Ann 5-Thailand 10th Moga->Chapera->CBM

Order Out:
1 - Tina 2-Australia 1st (was Saboga)
2 - *Rudy 1-Pulau Tiga 3rd (was Saboga)
3 - Jenna M. 6-Amazon 1st (was Moga)
4 - Rob C. 6-Amazon 3rd (was Chapera)
5 - *Richard 1-Pulau Tiga 1st (was Moga)
6 - *Susan 1-Pulau Tiga 4th (was Chapera)
7 - Colby 2-Australia 2nd (was Moga)
8 - *Ethan 3-Africa 1st (was Saboga->Moga)
9 - Jerri 2-Australia 8th (was Saboga->Moga->Chapera)
--- Jury ---
10 - Lex 3-Africa 3rd (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)
11 - Kathy 4-Marqesas 3rd (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)
12 - Alicia 2-Australia 9th (was Chapera->Moga->CBM)

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