April 29, 2004

Survivor All-Stars Notes - Ep #14

[Complete set of my Survivor All Star Notes]

Posted after Ep #14, April 29, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

Notes written while watching the episode:

>> Rupert being grabby about "his" fish

>> Jenna bitching about Rupert... has she been this way all along and we didn't see it?

>> Family Visits/Icky Food reward challenge

Rupert and his wife have sex on the beach

"Indiginous Items" from all past Survivors Seasons

My money's on Big Tom's kid.

  • (what was the first item?) -- Amber's mom out first
  • Flying cockroaches -- ShiiAnn's mom out 2nd
  • Smelly fafaroo -- Rupert's wife out third
  • Taratulas -- Jenna's brother screws up, then whines
  • Live centipede -- Rob bro out, Little Tom just swallows it whole.

    Little Tom (Bo) wins.

    Big Tom picks Boston Rob to go along.

    I think Big Tom remembers that Rupert gave him the second worst meal last week.

    >> Big Tom: "ShiiAnn is probably trying to make an alliance with a bush, cause she's tried everyone else."

    Big Tom: "If Rob will just keep me."

    Boston Rob: "I don't trust Big Tom as far as i can throw him."

    >> Little Tom goes fishing with Rupert.

    Little Tom loses the spear head... Rupert now thinks the remaining spear is his. Do you think maybe Rupert sabotaged Bo? Caused him to lose the spear?

    >> Boston Rob: "Bo's a bigger dumbass than his dad."

    >> Water & Fire Immunity Challenge

    Boston Rob had it made, but his fire went out... Boston Rob out of matches, he's out... Amber out 2nd... Rupert out... Jenna out... ShiiAnn: "Where are the fire gods when you need them?"... Big Tom wins immunity.

    >> ShiiAnn thinks she's doomed.

    >> Big Tom does his happy dance. This is his only immunity. (Ever?)

    >> ShiiAnn: "They need me as a swing vote." (Self delusion?)

    ShiiAnn working Big Tom... ShiiAnn working Rupert... ShiiAnn trying to get votes against Jenna... ShiiAnn working Amber... ShiiAnn working Boston Rob.... ShiiAnn to Rob: "You know Jenna's a pain, vote for her." Boston Rob to ShiiAnn: "I know, but I made a deal with her."

    >> Tribal Council

    Alicia shooting dirty looks at the tribe.

    Jenna (foolishly) describing who does what... Boston Rob disagrees with her analysis...

    ShiiAnn says Jenna is the cause of the "food paranoia"... ShiiAnn making big mistake here.

    "the power couples"

    ShiiAnn saying what she thinks is going on... "I'm casting my vote for the person who they should all watch out for." (Does that mean they find out who votes for who? I'm pretty sure that they don't)

    ShiiAnn votes for Amber, but she couldn't possibly be out so it must be ShiiAnn.

    ShiiAnn out.

    >> Poor Tom, he's next I think.

    >> But the coming attractions strongly hint that Rupert-Jenna-Tom team up to vote off Rob. That would change everything. Boston Rob to Amber, "we've got trouble." But then Rupert confronts Tom, "Didn't you say you wanted Rob gone." Is this because Rob convinced Tom to vote against Rupert? I think that next week it's either Tom or Rupert out.

    >> 3 men - 2 women left... Thailand eliminated... original Moga tribe now gone... Big Tom still the only remaining former-final-four...

    # Remaining from the Meta-Tribes

    Pula Tiga 1 of 4
    Australia 1 of 5
    Africa 1 of 3
    Marqesas 1 of 2
    Thailand 0 of 1
    Amazon 0 of 2
    Pearl Isl. 1 of 1

    # Latest tribe list

    # Chaboga Moga (CBM) (5 members)
    name season finish all-star tribes
    ==== ====== ====== ===============
    Amber 2-Australia 6th Chapera->CBM
    Jenna L. 1-Pulau Tiga 8th Saboga->Chapera->Moga->CBM
    *Boston Rob 4-Marqesas 10th Chapera->Moga->CBM
    *Tom 3-Africa 4th Chapera->Moga->CBM
    *Rupert 7-Pearl Isl. 8th Saboga->Chapera->Moga->CBM

    Order Out:
    1 - Tina 2-Australia 1st (was Saboga)
    2 - *Rudy 1-Pulau Tiga 3rd (was Saboga)
    3 - Jenna M. 6-Amazon 1st (was Moga)
    4 - Rob C. 6-Amazon 3rd (was Chapera)
    5 - *Richard 1-Pulau Tiga 1st (was Moga)
    6 - *Susan 1-Pulau Tiga 4th (was Chapera)
    7 - Colby 2-Australia 2nd (was Moga)
    8 - *Ethan 3-Africa 1st (was Saboga->Moga)
    9 - Jerri 2-Australia 8th (was Saboga->Moga->Chapera)
    --- Jury ---
    10 - Lex 3-Africa 3rd (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)
    11 - Kathy 4-Marqesas 3rd (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)
    12 - Alicia 2-Australia 9th (was Chapera->Moga->CBM)
    13 - ShiiAnn 5-Thailand 10th (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)

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