May 04, 2004

The Second "Gone East Blog Grant"

Last January I created the Gone East Blog Grant program. Since awarding that first blog I haven't done a second, but I haven't forgotten about the program.

I've been thinking hard about a couple of possible candidates for a free blog, and I haven't quite decided who the lucky winner should be.

But recent events have given me a new idea. I've decided not to make the second award to an individual, but instead to a GROUP.

Group blogs are not as common as individual ones, but there are a many very good ones. One of the most popular blogs there is, Boingboing, is a group blog. Now there is another.

The winners of the second Gone East Blog Grant are the Gone East comments area regulars. They are: beth, david, georgev, jo ann, mga, rickf, sherman, steveg, and erik larsen.

The new blog is called "Concrete Frog" and can be seen at this link:

Congratulations to the winners.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 4, 2004 02:37 PM