May 07, 2004


Again, it wasn't a win for the textbook, but it did the job. And props to Pedro. Although we all had that sinking feeling when his first pitch was launched out of the park, he pulled it together.

On the radio, earlier in the day, a caller was defending Pedro, saying the he'd be strong in this game. The caller said Pedro would strike out nine. The hosts and I all thought this was too optimistic. Nine strikeouts was a lot I thought and they said. We'd all settle for a comfortable W.

Well after a rocky first inning, Pedro calmed down and pitched a fine game. Striking out eight when all was said and done. And eight was enough.

In related news, the Yanks lost, so now the Redsox are back in first by ourselves again. The loss ended NY's 8 game winning streak. I guess eight was enough there too.

Now we come home to play KC this weekend.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 7, 2004 07:47 AM