May 27, 2004

Time Flies.

I have this nice 13 inch Sony TV that I've used for a few years. It's usually hooked up to my TiVo, but that's off on special assignment, so the Sony's just sitting around. Last night I wanted to just plug it into the cable to watch the RedSox game. It didn't work.

I mean, all TVs are cable-ready these days? I should be able to just hook it up to the cable, right? Nope.

The channels are all scrambled, even the lower ones. I run to another TV to see if the cable is on the fritz. Nope, that's OK.

Thinking back, I guess I've had this TV for quite some time. Maybe it's not as "cable ready" as they need to be these days.

I look at the reg. info on the back. It's a Sony KV13TR27. And it was manufactured in June 1992!!! It's a perfectly fine TV, but tuning technology, and channels assignments, seem to have left it behind. Ah well.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 27, 2004 05:24 PM