June 11, 2004

I guess I'm just a lightweight

Beer good!
A few years back I used to attend 4 or 5 baseball games every week. I could scream at the field all night long. But tonight I started losing my voice by the 5th inning.

Yes, this is a backhanded way to say that Rick, my persistent and very generous friend, managed to get us into the Redsox game tonight against the LA Dodgers, and we had a lot of fun.

Rick's in town from California and really wanted go to the game. He had heard that they start selling same day tix at 5pm, so we got there at 4pm and discovered nearly 200 people already in line. We waited the hour, plus 30 mins more for the line to move up, and managed to get two very nice left-field grandstand seats.

It was a great game. A scoreless pitcher's duel through 7 1/2 innings, when Boston's David Ortiz hit a solo homer into the bullpen. Timlin shut the Dodgers down in the eighth. Keith "That's All" Foulke was cruising for his next save when Manny Ramirez dropped a slightly challenging, but very catchable, pop-up that should have ended the game.

In the bottom of the ninth, Ortiz cleaned up the mess by batting in the winning run.

This is the first ballgame I've been to in way too long. Rick was great in gently, but firmly, aiming me to Fenway.

He'll probably embarass me in comments by describing how I wandered around the park before the game just gawking at the field. I've been there before, but it's always a magical place.

A good way to spend a Friday night. And we won too!

Posted by jackhodgson at June 11, 2004 11:57 PM