June 24, 2004


The latest issue of AvWeb has the best report I've seen so far about the SpaceShipOne flight on Monday.

Although the flight was a success, it suffered at least one scary malfunction which will delay the next attempt.

And Rutan's teary-eyed reactions to the day's events are a sign of how emotional he was feeling about the whole thing.

Rutan, surprised to receive his own plaque of recognition [from the FAA, similar to the one that Mike Mellville received], said under his breath, "I wasn't expecting that" and later leaned in to kiss [FAA rep Patty Gray] Smith on the cheek. He then bowed into the press center microphones and stated clearly, "Now don't you ever say that Burt Rutan doesn't kiss up to the FAA."
Posted by jackhodgson at June 24, 2004 09:06 AM