June 29, 2004

Red Sox fan blog

I've been reading Edward Cossette's "Bambino's Curse" Redsox weblog/column, more or less daily, for a long time (three seasons?).

It's always been a good read. A passionate daily epistle from a fan living outside the area who follows the sox via the internet, national tv, and the occasional roadtrip to Fenway.

Over time it's only gotten better. The writing is bright and witty. His mood is that of a real Redsox fan, up-down, joyous, occasionally near despair, but always hopeful.

Just our flubbing luck, right? Sweeping the Yankees in April turns out to be a good thing for the Yankees?

As Grandmaster Flash might say, "it makes me wonder how I keep from goiní under."

For the past two season's his daily "column" has been published on Fox Sports New England before being archived on his homesite, Bambinoscurse.com.

If you're a Redsox fan and you don't look in on Edward at least a couple times a week, then your missing out.

Posted by jackhodgson at June 29, 2004 10:02 AM