June 29, 2004


CNBC just referred to the Redsox/Yankees series that begins tonight as "the biggest rivalry in baseball". That's cool from an unbiased national source.

I think we are going to do well. We'll take 2 out of 3. I'm optimistic that we turned a corner in the recent Phillies series. I also think that Yankee Stadium will energize the sox who, I'm certain, are a fundamentally stronger team that the Yanks.

One thing to keep in mind though.

We Redsox fans are a passionate lot. And we, on occasion, will panic for no good reason. Back in the spring we beat up on the Yankees pretty good. Our media was full of stories of what this would mean in New York. Fire Torre, bench Jeter, "heads will roll" we predicted.

But the pinstripers took it standing up.

It seems that they may have used that defeat as a motivation. I want the Yankees to lose every game, but you have to respect the way they came back from a weak early part of the season.

I'm reluctant to say it, but, we can learn from that.

No matter what the outcome of this series, don't panic. I hope we beat the Yankees. I think we can beat the Yankees. But we don't have to beat the Yankees.

We only need to win the Series, not the series.

Posted by jackhodgson at June 29, 2004 12:12 PM