June 29, 2004

Just Say No

Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild:

The National Lawyers Guild does not believe that the police can conduct random searches. Random searches are never truly random. Police often target individuals stereotyped as being "suspicious" people of color, those who appear to be Middle Eastern, and youth. These searches needlessly interfere with the privacy of innocent passengers and are incompatible with a free democratic society. Random searches replace fear of terrorism with fear of the police. This policy is not only unconstitutional; it is wrong.

I've been thinking that if I were ever stopped for one of these searches I would comply, then when the officer was done, I would take out a notebook and make them explain why I was chosen. Was it really random? If so, what method was used for "randomly" choosing me. Etc.

[Via hasbrouck.org and bostonCommon]

Posted by jackhodgson at June 29, 2004 04:02 PM