July 02, 2004

Half of what?

It was just after noon, and I was asked what time I was leaving. I said, "Half past."

Lisa, my normally quite sane sister-in-law who seems to be operating from within a bit of a daze today, said, "Half past what?"

"Half past twelve."

"So what does that mean? 12:30? 12:15?"

So now I'm thinking that it's actually ME who's have one of those nearing-senior moments, until her husband chimes in, "What do you think it means?... Don't tell her"

For some reason she was confused as to whether "half" referred to the hour, or the half hour... I guess.

So I clarified it for her. "We're leaving 15 minutes after half-half-past."

Posted by jackhodgson at July 2, 2004 12:18 PM