July 15, 2004

MacWorld: Old Friends

One of the best parts of going to MacWorld always was meeting up with friends who you'd see only at these gatherings.

My circle is smaller these days, but the friendships are no less dear.

I attended the MacBraniacs session which had old BCS*Mac friend Andy Ihnatko as a panelist. I later ran into Andy on the floor and we chatted about old times, and current projects.

With Andy on the Brainiacs panel, as well as wandering the floor together was Rich Siegal. Rich and I crossed paths back in my days with THINK Technologies. We overlapped there for about a week as I was leaving that company, just prior to moving to California. Rich reminded me of something that I'd forgotten, that he took over my cube at THINK when I left. I attribute the "vibes" that I left behind as the force that led him to create BBEdit and found his software company BareBones.

I get to see them much more often, but I also chatted with BMac's Josh Weisbuch who filled me in on recent MacWorld Expos.

And as you see from recent posting here, I also met up with Steve Garfield. Steve was one of the founders of the original Boston Mac Group, BCS*Mac. Steve and I sat together in an interesting session by WGBH Interactive.

Steve told me that I missed a couple of other old friends who had been in town. Becky Waring and Raines Cohen, also founders of BCS*Mac, were here and I wish I had had a chance to say hi to them.

Posted by jackhodgson at July 15, 2004 07:02 PM