July 22, 2004


Sitting at my campsite. I still haven't gotten back on the net. I'm hopeful that later today I'll accomplish that.

Yesterday afternoon I got the campsite more or less set up and started to get settled in. I'm next to a luxurious, huge, motor coach with only one person living in it. Ken from Florida. That's the life.

Last evening I rode my bike around the grounds a little. The show is still almost a week away, so preparations are hardly started.

The only new building I've seen so far, is the new Homebuilder HQ. It's located about the same distance from the runway, but further to the north. About abeam the NASA building.

They've taken down more of the old flight line fence. It's just about all gone now. For you newcomers... Up to about 5 years ago there was a chain link fence that kept non-EAA members from getting out among the parked airplanes. This was for the safety of both the people and the planes. Then they changed the rules, and now everyone is allowed everywhere.

Over the years they've gradually removed the fence and the turn-styles that controlled flow in and out of the "Flight Line". This year they've removed the fence that remained just to the north of the Tower and the EAA Archway. This is where the new Homebuilder building is.


Well I'm gonna head out and find some food and maybe an internet connection. Later.

Posted by jackhodgson at July 22, 2004 10:00 AM