July 23, 2004

Unseasonably cold

When I was packing I almost didn't bring a sweatshirt.

AirVenture week here in Oshkosh has basically two kinds of inclement weather: hot/humid or pouring rain. Sweatshirts are seldom called for.

Well last evening "proved the rule" 'cause late in the afternoon it started to get chilly. Eventually I dug out the sweatshirt that I now think I was very smart to bring.

The overnight temp got down into the 50s, and this morning it's still comfortably cool. Almost weather to change from my hiking shorts, to long pants. But not yet.

Things will start to come to life today and tomorrow. It's been very quiet so far. But the campers are starting to flow in, and the show exhibitors are starting to appear.

I'm the first of the AirVenture Today out-of-town staff to appear. I'm sitting here in the office writing this, and it's eerily quiet. By this time tomorrow it will be a happenin' place. Many of the staffers will arrive today, the rest tomorrow.

[Internet update: I'm still writing these postings "offline" waiting for the internet connection to come to life. You readers have an advantage over me, cause you know when it will start working (cause you can't read this until after then), but I'm still sitting here wondering.]

Posted by jackhodgson at July 23, 2004 08:08 AM