July 24, 2004

Good morning

It's colder here this morning than it was yesterday. I actually changed over to long pants.

Thing are continuing to come together for this year's fly-in. Exhibitors are setting up booths and tents, attendees are streaming into the campground, and small planes are landing at a steady pace.

The level of activity will really start to take-off tomorrow. Tuesday is the official opening day, but unofficially things open up on Monday, so a lot of the final prep must happen on Sunday. Most exhibitors know to be ready to show and sell stuff on Monday. EAA even sells a discounted admission ticket for that day.

The big show planes, like the military and showcase private planes, will begin arriving today and tomorrow.

Also arriving tomorrow are three of the large flights of private planes. In one of them, 100 Mooneys are scheduled to arrive as a group.

Posted by jackhodgson at July 24, 2004 09:24 AM