July 31, 2004

Saturday Morning

Is it really Saturday already? The week seems to be going by very fast.

Two of the staffers here at AirVenture Today, who live here in Oshkosh, give parties for the staff every year. Last night we went to the one at Barb Schmits Schmitz home. As always she showed us a really nice time. This is a really great group of people.

Saturday is the really big day, crowd-wise, here at the fly-in. You can already see that it will be big. As early as 8 am this morning the crowd was growing fast.

I'm hoping today to get over to the exhibit halls and see the bigtime commercial exhibits.

It rained yesterday, but it's beautiful today.

The C-5 departed a few minutes ago. It did a really impressive fly-by, but the batteries on my camera chose that moment to die. They're charging now, so more pics in a while.

More later.

Posted by jackhodgson at July 31, 2004 12:09 PM