August 23, 2004

The South Park Creators are making a new movie.

Sharon Waxman, NYT:

"We had the perfect lives making `South Park,' " grumbled Mr. Parker, who seemed to think everything but his current work schedule was a joke — war, world leaders, his peers. A half-incinerated puppet of Tim Robbins lay slumped in a corner. "We had complete creative control. All our friends work on the show. It's great fun." He rolled his eyes. "This movie is so hard."

His partner, Mr. Stone, glumly agreed: "We're so dumb." (Except that he added a four-letter word. Many of their sentences include four-letter words.)

Mr. Parker: "Our whole summer is shot."

Mr. Stone: "It looked easy." Pause. "It's a nightmare."

Sounds like it's gonna be great.

Posted by jackhodgson at August 23, 2004 01:20 PM