September 01, 2004

It's not the Net

Mark Cuban has written a compelling essay about how hi-quality video can, and should, be distributed in the future. He makes a strong case for investing in external Firewire/USB drives.

I decided to buy a portable 20gbs USB 2.0 drive that was about half the size of a pack of cigarettes. Cost me 150 bucks. I also bought an external 80gbs FireWire Drive for under 100 dollars. I loaded a full 2 hour [Hi-Def] movie on the cig sized drive, and all the episodes I had of our HDNet Word Report.

Connected to my laptop, the cig drive couldn’t quite keep up. It had a couple hiccups, but it was close. If I had used any compression at all on it, no doubt it would have kept up no prob. After copying to my laptop hard drive, it played no problem at all.

Posted by jackhodgson at September 1, 2004 06:08 PM