September 11, 2004

Not Erik, Todd.

tuna_prod_114This series of Odd Todd stories about tuna fish have led me to conclude that Sherman and Todd are the same person. Here are some excerpts, but read the whole of each post, they're short.

Part One: Tuna Fish Fallout

But recently me and tuna haven't been getting along. Last week I opened up a can of tuna (Bumblebee Solid White in water is my brand) and it smelled really bad. Like too strong and fishy. I figured it was a fluke can and chucked it out. Then I opened up another can. It smelled just as bad. Like gross fishy gross ew. I chucked it out too and ate a peanut butter and jelly. I wrote it off as whatevery.

Two: Quest for the Best Tuna of All Tuna

OK. So today I went food shopping and decided to give a new brand of tuna a try (recently I wrote about how I had a big falling out with tuna). I didn't know which one to go with so I bought four different kinds.

Three: BumbleBee Conspiracy Theory!

I'm on to you BumbleBee! With your new fancy tuna! I know what you did! You took your regular Solid White and made it grosser and cheaper somehow and then took the good tuna that you used to put in the regular can and put it in the new fancy can! And pretend it's new and improved and 'premium'!
Posted by jackhodgson at September 11, 2004 08:55 AM