October 05, 2004

Driving and blogging

MGA continues to make great posts over on the Concrete Frog. I need to get in the habit of looking there more often. He blogged this almost a week ago.

The drive from York is uneventful. I use a couple of back roads I “discovered” through the Berwicks and Somersworth, NH. It has stopped raining but the sun has set and the temperature inversion has created a fog thick enough in places to scoop into bowls. Driving on the back roads in the dark is made even more exciting as the twists and hills and fog conspire against the driver.

And he's even out there evangelizing blogs to newcomers.

I do a little chatting with my friend about how to use blogs. I had been explaining a couple of months back how (imho) blogs can help create a sense of community on the electronic frontier and how (again imho) he could/should be using them as a means of communicating with his business group.
Posted by jackhodgson at October 5, 2004 06:27 PM